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J-Love is quicly becoming a mixtape legend by breaking new artists and putting out original projects. We caught up with see whats up in the world of j-love

What made you want to be a DJ?

Just my taste in music. I always had mad love for music. It kept me
awayfrom getting too caught up in the streets. I was obsessed with music.
Type of cat the always had to have the new music first so when I hit
high school I knew I wanted 2 be in the music industry somehow someway so I waswriting rhymes and learning how to make beatz so that was the completion 2 the triangle was the djing aspect

What was the first song that grabbed you?

la di da di - slick rick and dougie fresh that nigga slick rick was just
killing it on the mic

What artists did you grow up on?

Rakim , slick rick , public enemy , nwa , just ice ,lord finesse ,
krs-1,kool g rap , biz markie everyybody from that 85 86 era and on

When did you make your first mixtape?

Like 94 it was in high school I had my man selling them shits but even
then I knew I had the crazy ear for music... i was killing it in school
everyone always checked me to hear the new shit so when the tape thing
started it was crazy


How have your mixtapes grown from when you started?

One a lot more people cop them..... Nah but I always had a good fan
base!! I mean formula wise its still the same I think just quality wise its a
lot better. I have more top of the line equipment plus I m a lot more
selective with what gets rocked on the cds if I don't like a song I
don't play it. I m not like one of these other djs who will play anything just because they are a well known artist. i mean i deal with alot of exclusives and
rare jumpoffs so i let them rock so people could enjoy them


How do you know when you've made a good mixtape?

When 5 years later everyone still playing it or they talking about it
when more or less the cd itself is timeless.... I mean a lot of my cds last
for years and years. check your local bootlegger they have j-love cds from
98...some djs have a cd for like week and they think they
have accomplished something just because they had an exclusives for two
days in the streets before the next 20 djs do the same thing bunch of

What's your favorite mixtape that you've done?

Hard 2 say I m pretty much fan of majority of my own shit but maybe the
rakim cd or big pun its hard though to single one down i like the new ol
dirty cds i did too You do a lot of "Best Of's," what made you want to do those? Its like paying homage 2 artist I really respect and also keeping there
names mad hot in the streets I won't just put one out for the sake of
putting it I have 2 really feel there music and respect there work as an

How difficult are those?

For me I don't thinks its too hard but I put in a lot of time and
research try to find a lot of rare and unreleased demos and the best
songs I like from them plus i deffinitly try and involve the artist if
possible. I mean some cats are hard to get up with sometimes due to
schudules and stuff but i try and and make a classic jumpoff so when get
my cd you like "damn son know his shit and do his thing" and his best of
cd is the only one i ever wanna hear !

What have you been up to as far as producing lately?
I been doing crazy remixs and stuff like that if I have an artist host
my cd I have him rock over one of my beatz too.... I mean a lot of
people don't know but I had an album deal like in 97 98 it was just on a bum
ass label ( old freeze records) but I recorded a whole compleation lp
over there with numerous artists on there like cormega , large professor
, brandnubian , kool g rap , inspectah deck , guru , smif &wessun , tragedy ,
o.c. , just off the top real quick but the label just kept putting it
on the backburner so I got fed up andwas like fuck all this shit and broke out took all the music andcontracts and the even the 2inch reels never looked back

The beat you did for Cormega was dope, how was it working with him on
his first album?

I did a few tracks for cormega like 5 so far that hit the streets
dramatic entrance , fallen soilders, love in love out, endangered spices
and sugar ray and hearns .... the fallen soldiers jumpoff was originally
for my completion lp but when then didnt happen i told him use it for
his album. Cormega is my nigga I always had mad
love for him even before i knew him personally. i always felt his music
and I felt like he didn t get his due .I was one cat who always believed
in him talent wise... I mean I basically i brought him 2 landspeed when they didn'twanna put his lp out they was straight fronting like he cant sell i m
not feeling his demos... I basically talked cormega into doing it just
sohis music could reach the public when the whole industry was fronting on
him and even when they (landspeed) was fronting and offering him
very little money but I was telling him let his music speak for itself
and everything else will fall into place in the time to come and look
what has happened he is in a very good position for an independent
artist or any artist in general. i know he stay with money where as u
see alot of other artist fronting like they have mad money but be broke
as fuck

Who are you working with now?

A lot of different people but I m focusing on doing me right now I get
tired of being around artist who have 1000 dick riders around them all
day but I have this cd I put together with all production by myself.... With a
bunch of songs cats did for me and also a handful of rmxs I did. On top
of which I have few on there rhyming too about shock a lot of people


What would you rather be known for, your mixtapes or beats?

Maybe the beatz there 2 many people doing mixtapes these dayz its
disgusting.... Its the wave of the internet dj... Lil herbs get a new
song or 2 and all of a sudden there mixtape djs its pathetic. niggas
know i been doing it since 96 97 in the streets but i cant knock
everyone i seen alot of cats do there thing but then again i seen mad
cats who are straight trash

You use the N-word on your mixtapes, why?

i never even thought of it truthfully. it just how i speak how my
peoples speak how i speak. i mean its funny to me cause i mainly get
asked this question by white people only.... but when i say it i never
mean it in some derogratory way... that shit anit in my heart like
that... i grew up color blind with black people white people spanish
people hindus chinese i m muliticultral myself being pueto rican and
white so i never got caught up in all that racial shit... i feel like if
a person has a problem with me saying the word it because in there heart
thats how they look at you.... i chill with mad black people some of
them are my closet friends... and check this too so we dont get it
confused or no shit like that.... i m not some country redneck
motherfucker i grew up in the heart of new york city where i m product
of my environment so it anit no fake shit either .... i mean it is what
is either accept or reject

Should you be allowed to get away with that and have you ever faced any
confrontations with that?

i mean get away with what ???speaking how i speak.... no one gonna tell
me how i can and cannot speak.. i m a grow ass man if you dont like
something you could speak to me maybe i ll hear you out but no one has
control over what i do... as far as getting away with it like i said it
all depends whats in your heart. if you some white wanna bee cat that
hates black people on the low and knows you ll get your ass kicked if
you say it then i see where someone would have a problem with it being
said. but no one has ever told me nothing.. actually the only time i
hear this is in a few different interviews i been asked this a few
times.. but like i said i say it on some love tip or some fuck u tip or
however i say either way its not in no demeaning way or some kkk i hate
u way or some shit whatever i am who i am fuck it can please everyone

What artists do you look at as being a "must" for your mixtapes?

M.o.p , rakim , nas , mobb deep , wu tang , cormega I'm feeling jadakiss
a lot these dayz just cats who come with that raw hiphop not this bullshit a
lot of people putting out. thats why its hard for me alot of times i
have all the same exclusives some of these so called top mixtape niggas
have but if the song is weak its weak. i like 50 cent but he dont always
do hot shit same with nas jayz any artist so if i feel the song is
banging i m rock it cause the song is banging not just because your a
name or you was trying to make a hit record holla at your average
mixtape nigga

What young artists have you broken?

A lot...... cormega deffinitly one , big pun when he first came on the
scene i was playing pun shit first niggas at loud used to hit me off ,
beatnuts , noreaga or cnn as whole , tragdey khadafi, ghostface as a solo artist. I deffinitly contributed 2 the 50 cent rise 2 stardom i was one of the few
playing his songs in the beginning way b4 the g unit takeover , a lot of the wu
tang niggaz and they off spring groups i mean like i said you dont have to be
a star to make it on my cd just do some hot shit..

How do you showcase unsigned heat and show love to those without the
major connects?

If they shit is banging ( 2 my taste that is ) its not problem I always
show love but some cats 4get they have to pay they dues just cause they
say some slick shit don't mean they could make a hot song or that they made
one hot song i m run an play everything they do now its like u have
play in the minors b4 u make it to the majors leagues

Should DJ's charge money to play artists?

Nah that shit is weak but then again niggaz have 2 make money somehow
but I don't really do that shit cause if your shit is hot I gonna wanna play it

What DJ's do you respect in the game?

Kid capri

What artists are next to blow?

Game is doing his thing j hood got some heat I like my nigga killa sha ,
la the darkman is crazy underrated meyhem , raze , sky gray , exquizite
, even j-love

What's coming up for you?

Like I said putting this cd out to really showcase my production and
the heat I have 2 offer the game as well as letting the game hearing me on
the mic a little something and just keeping the street music on the
streets not just the commercial artist rocking. Building up artist I'm working with and just everything I have 2 offer 2 the game

How should artists go about submitting material to you?

Any last words?

get ready for that j-love better your life cd coming real soon with 25
bangerz strictly produced by j-love with tons of your favorite artist on
there. keep check the website a redesign is in the keep checking for j-love the last man standing doing that
official shit kiko Keep an eye for me this year I have big plans niggaz

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