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Interview originally for old site

In this interview we talked with DJ J-Love about how he got started with being a DJ and producer, his upcoming projects, how he came to work with Method Man plus much more.

He never followed trends or what's hot at the time. Only fucks with what he feels. "Too many bird ass niggas there dayz that ride the bandwagon I don't fit that category." The Versatile DJ, Producer, who can even rhyme. "Basically im striving real hip-hop!!! Not the keyboard fake balling knapsack wearing trash talking wannabe fake gangsta ass clown shit that is going on today." Its only a matter of time till everyone knows what time it is. DJ J-Love, for the people who don't know you, explain what you do?
J-Love is the all universal mixtape dj, producer, extraordinaire, I make Possibly the best mix cd's on the planet and produce some of the hottest track you'll ever hear bang out pure hip-hop. Who are the rap artists that you like to listen to the most?
Wu-Tang, Cormega, Rakim, Slick Rick, Large Professor, Kool G Rap, M.O.P, to many to name. What producers do you respect the most in the game?
Myself of course, RZA, DJ Premiere, Large Professor, Havoc, There's a few I like. What artist would you most like to produce for?
Ghostface Killah, Rakim, Slick Rick. What Album are you most looking forward to this year?
Ghostface, Rakim, M.O.P, Cormega, Nas. How would you say the state of Hip-Hop is today?
Pathetic cats lack originality, no sense of direction, beats and rhymes lack substance, shit is just crazy. Do you think there are any certain labels/artists that are ruining it?
Nah allot of labels are losing there edge I'll give it to interscope for right now though. How did you get into being a DJ and producing?
Just my passion for music always loved music so I just knew this is what I wanted to do in life... But this dude that used to work for Jam Master Jay was engineer and took me with him and taught me how to produce, so it just went from there and just kept driving till I got in the business. You got A Taste Of Tical 0 Part Two coming up, can you tell us a bit about that?
Yeah its just been an addition to part 1 I feel meth don't get get the props he deserves in the streets so I gotta wake up allot of these cats and let em know what time it is. On the Uh Huh Remix did you produce that specifically for meth?
Yeah I didn't like the original beat and he likes that beat one time in the studio he kept playing it for hours so I was like let me hook it up to that song. How did you first get to work with meth?
Dreddy Kruger made it happen he told me they were trying to get a meth cd in the streets and dreddy knows how I do in the streets plus I have mad love for the Wu so he took me to the studio and met meth and we just made it happen. What would you say your best mixtape is?
Too many to name I like all the joints, I it put out, I feel they have meaning and will be around for a while. Have you got any plans to go out on tour as DJ for any artists?
If any cats holla I'm ready. Ok, thanks for taking the time out to do this interview, is there any last words you would like to say?

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