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DJ : J-Love

CD: Miss Mary J. Blige Part 2

411: We don't know who gave J-Love the hook-up, but he really has some obscure MJB gems here. He dug deep in the vaults and picked up a record featuring Mary, Missy Elliott and her old group Sista, and Jodeci all on one track. There's a Mary/ D'Angelo record that never came out, and several other songs that will make you think, "Why didn't they ever put this out?"

Joints To Check For

"Checkin' 4 Me." Oh yeah here comes the pain. Mary gives her man a piece of her mind, warning him that if he is not going to give her attention, someone else certainly will. You can feel the agony even when she's just singing "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

"Everyday." This song actually came out a few years back as an Angie Stone record it's clearly a case of a song being shopped around to a couple of artists. Angie sang her heart out on the song, but it's still fun to hear Mary's take.

"If I Don't Love You This Way." Blige is trying to convince the love of her life that her feelings towards him are genuine and after listening, we are convinced. "If I don't love you this way, why do I say what I say?" she asks. "If I don't need you this much, why do I ache for your touch?"





















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