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DJ J LOVE - KING OF WHAT I DO PT. 2 review by

J Love is the difference between someone who has mastered his craft and the rest of these “MASTERS OF THE PAUSE TAPE UNIVERSE”. He may not be the KING of mixtapes, but he is surely the KING OF WHAT HE DOES! If you don’t know of his catalogue, then you may ask, what is he the king of? If you were to hit J Love with this question I am almost sure that he would answer, “STREET MUSIC”! Today, too many of the dj’s try to satisfy too many different audiences. Instead of creating a classic, mixtapes usually remind me of a 80 min. dick sucking session. The dj’s are so indebted to the sources that provided them with the leak, that the only direction the cd has is that of the label in which they have to repay the favor! I’m sure there are some asses J LOVE must pucker for, but there seem to be very few and you know DIMEZ loves a muthafucka who stands on his own in this industry!

The “KING OF WHAT I DO PT. 2” doesn’t stray far from the formula that J LOVE has established throughout his career. It starts off with two, yes I said two, tracks produced by J LOVE. The first is for the forever youthful SLICK RICK. I have heard the second track on a couple of J LOVE mixtapes, but you can’t go wrong with a classic BIG PUN track. I have to admit that the standout on “KING OF WHAT I DO PT. 2” is track #8 by M.O.P. “HERE 2DAY GONE 2MORROW” is an example of what every fucking track by the MASH OUT POSSE should sound like! “NIGHTRUNZ” by KILLA SHA is a typical J LOVE move. I know niggas have done it to death, but you can’t go wrong when you put a dude like JADAKISS over the beats like “YOU AIN’T A KILLA” and “BLOODY MONEY”. He may be the only dj today that will give you hot tracks by today’s artist, but has no problem including music from nasty artist of yesteryear like TRAGEDY. When I think of J LOVE, I think of RAPMULLET. The “KING OF WHAT I DO”!











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