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DJ J LOVE - KING OF WHAT I DO PT. 12 review by

You know whats cool about this CD? The fact that J Love does what the f**k he wants to do and plays what the f**k he wants to play. I know you young heads checked out the tracklist and were like "I heard this and this and that", but mixtapes ain't about just new music and who heard it first. That used to be a small part of the game that people now think is the ONLY part of the game. You people got it wrong, very wrong.

The mixtape in it's essence is an art form. It's also the rawest promotional tool you have in music. I'm going out a limb again to say I think J Love has his own lane. I see a few DJs who think they can hop in his lane, and believe he see's them too, but to no avail, take out that fork and stick yourself: your done. Tragedy hosts this CD and is a perfect fit for the project. "The Saga" is that mixtape shit you love people. I could listen to this all day every day. "Deja Vu" is that Tragedy crack for your ears. I got the new Tragedy album too but there's a drop every 8 bars and it makes it impossible to listen to. This is a coolout joint though, Tragedy showing the versatility again. "Life In The Gutter" is a dark track. I was diggin it. Kool G. Rap needs to serve the fiends already. "On My Way Home" has the illest vocal sample. Common is the complete MC people. Large P did his thing on "After School". He def catured a vibe of days that done passed. Cats need to stop sleeping on Large P.

What can you expect from a J Love mixtape? Raw hip hop people. Nothing more and nothing less. That's why you listen, that's why you cop his CDs. Ain't really much else to say, you know what it is already. If you don't then hit up his website at:, and keep supporting good music.

















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