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DJ J Love - King of What I Do 13

3 TAPE RATING by RapMullet

Allow me to introduce myself. Its cha cot damn boy Touche' Turtle! Newest member of the Rap Mullet review team up in the building! Dimez, Big Chew and the rest of the team been doing the mixtape review thing real proper. So, I decided to reach out and contribute to the movement. Nuff bout me though. Lets get into this new J-Love jump off!

J is back with part 13 from his King of What I Do series. This time he's got
Ghostface and Trife doing some real thorough hosting. You know he got more then just a few short drops. If your familiar with J-Love then you know that dude brings you strictly the grimiest New York shit. He starts shit off correct with the new Ghostface jump off called The Struggle. Then follows it with the new Trife jump off called I Got Love. I ain't heard either of these songs anywhere else yet and they both ba! ngin'. J-Love follows that with new Jay-Z and new Nas. Both will make the mixtape rounds and satisfy the masses for the moment. I liked Deaths Anniversary more then Be Like Hov. The what if questions that Nas throws out there really make you think.

J fills part 13 with new jump offs from Wu-Tang, G-Unit and a gang of veteran
N.Y. MCs. Names like Rakim, Sadat X, O.C., A.G., Diamond D, Large Professor, Kool G Rap and the list goes on. The O.C. and A.G. cut is flavor. Its good to hear new shit from DITC. J-Love even produces and trades verses with Large Professor on We Know. J got good selection on part 13. He might talk over the tracks too much but some listeners out there need that continuous update of what's playing. Respect the King and what he do and respect how he do it too.













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