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Street Savior Pt. 5
Review by: Big Chew

It's been a minute since I got a J-Love mixtape. Congrats to him for his Justo win...Best Underground mixtape DJ. The funny thing about "underground" is that's where the good music is and I wouldn't call it underground I would call it "non-commercial bullshit". On a J-Love mixtape it's not so much if the music is new, old or dropped first; it's how it fits in relation to what else is on the CD. I guarantee you every track on this mixtape is something J-Love would personally listen to on his own and that's what truly separates the mixtape men from the mixtape boys.

You def know who's in your CD player when that intro comes on...salute J-Love people. One of the most consistient MCs in the game right now is Ghostface. He stays with new music and with a new album coming out. "Chunky" got that knock to it that has Ghost flipping words like only he can...rewind that shit cause he said some shit. For those that don't know J-Love hits the MIC too. "Come Back" got a nice sound to it. I think J-Love could work on his word play a little but other than that he's got some shit to say; I can dig the message in the music. Production wise the J-Love produced "Chisel 07" is that shit. Those drums are classic...perfect fit for a Nas track. The M.O.P support on mixtapes is lacking right now. That's one of the reasons you fuck with J-Love mixtapes cause he plays hot shit regardless. "Off With His Head" is a classic M.O.P anthem...cats don't drop anthems anymore so enjoy what it is. Lyrically Cappadonna with "Take A Look Around" and Rae with "My Corner" are killing MCs with the pictures their painting. Rae said and I quote: "when I was broke I was the face of rap / rhyming in a baseball cap / cooling with my aces back then / fuck rhyming we was fresh off the dime then."; very few MCs in the world today can put so very few words together and make you picture the whole shit in you head like that. My favorite track off this CD, which was rocking in the Rapmullet Ipod not too long ago, is Kool G Rap on "The Life". This is the epitome of what rap music should be right now; the lyrics, the story telling is crazy. Can we get a new Beanie Sigel album please!! Damn, you peep the hunger on "Return of the Bad Guy"? Can you guess who said this? And I quote: "I'm not a thug I'm a father / and I think the blood of a father rides twice as harder." Ooooo, come on now that's Redman getting at all you studio gangstas, fake ass, no talent, bitch ass MCs with "Doc". Only track I'm not really fucking with is that "Flash Dancing" bullshit by the most dangerous hypeman in the world. The sleeper track is Psycho Les with K Solo and Black Attack on "Feel It Baby"; this beat is that straight head nod.

Not only is the music good as hell on this CD you have to dig J-Love talking a gang of shit. In these days of DJs playing it safe, politics and all that bullshit, its cats like J-Love that seperate themselves from the pack just for the simple fact they are gonna do what they want, play what they want and say what ever the fuck they want. (3/18/07)






















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