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What's the next wu-related release you got planned?

i m in the mix of doing a raekwon joint before his lp drops and i got a surprise few in the mix right now

will any more of your mixtapes be hosted by a wu member?

deffinitly its just a matter of connecting with cats and being right time and all that

did you produce the "i'm back", "u used 2 be" and "never" beats specifically for the rza?

i didn t actually do them just for him its was just beats i made and he picked those from a beat cd i gave him.... But he told me if i would have gotten them 2 him earlier i m back would have made the album birth of a prince

what are some of your favorite lyrics/lines in wu-tang songs?

hard 2 say mostly joints from ghostface and ol dirty always catch me the most but then again gza be saying some shit but i always felt that line from rza on 4th chamber " you could see the weakness from man right hrough his iris"

which wu-tang members have you met?

i mean i met them all at one time or another but like the ones i have a relationship with is rza, masta killa, method man, inspectah deck, i m know raekwon and gza too

who taught you to produce?

these cats called the phatheadz used to live on my block they used to do alot with jam master jay... They knew how i loved music so they were engineers so i would go with them to studios and just watch and learn. I always been a music fiend since i was kid. I always knew i wanted my life to be music related

when did you start producing? (age/year, whatever)

like 95 96 i was like 18 19 years old. I didn t have no machine though so i used to wait in studio sessions till they were done and then do a beat or two

who would you like to produce an album for in hip hop?

rakim, slick rick, ol dirty bastard,ghostface killah, theres alot of cats i would like to work with though its hard to narrow it down

who are your favourite three artists in hip hop?

rakim , slick rick, i guess wu tang as whole cause i would have to say a few of them

who are you least favourite artists in hip-hop?

too many to names these days there is alot wak niggas in hip hop these dayz

if you could choose to be the dj for mobb deep or wu-tang who would you choose?

either one who ever wanna get busy with the kid i m rocking with whoever

what artists have you worked with, apart from masta ace and wu-tang?

cormega, large professor, akinyele ,sunz of man, la the darkman,guru,brand nubian,inspectah deck,o. C. , kool g rap, cuban link, tragedy khadafi,royal flush,raze,big u a few others i cant remeber off top right

have you ever tried emceeing?

yeah i have i got like 50 to 75 songs written i just havent focused on it but when i do i m deffinitly master it i just want it to be offical. But i like making song not all that battling shit. Plus everyone rhymes nowa dayz so when i come through i want cats respecting my shit not like oh hes rapping 2 now

when will straight bangerz part 8 hit the shelves?

maybe december or january depends on if enough good music comes out to put a new cd out

you gotta smoke greens, like me, so what's ya favourite type of weed?

i used to smoke alot when i was younger but for me it was like a faze i grew outta... Alot of times i used to smoke and fall asleep so i wasnt feeling that fact i felt like i wasnt on point and shit so i deaded that shit... But alot of times back then i had weed that was laced with dust so i used to get higher then just normal weed i was young didn t even know what i was smoking i was just like fuck it i was wilding out alot back then i didn t give fuck that was my attitude

some people on the forums seem to have a problem with you droppin' the n-bomb, and would like to know why you drop it so much - care to explain to 'em?

purposly saved this answer for last... When i say nigga its just how i speak.. Where i grew up at.. How cats around me spoke so its just how i speak but truthfully i dont give a fuck either i dont feel i have to be politcally correct or some shit to please someone. Basically if it bothers you coming from my mouth dont fuck with my cds or dont fuck with me... You dont hear me saying black people cant called spanish people spics or white people crackers or devils or whatever the fuck. Its like this i m man if you come at me with some slick shit out your mouth i m gonna handle it and if you feel i m offending you handle it but i m not changeing who i am or how i speak because people feel its politically incoorect... Theres alot of djs out there kay slay clue.. Fuck it but i m not gonna change how i speak or what i say because someone has a problem with it... If thats the case oh well fuck it it either deal wit it or dont simple... Life has choices make yours but i dont use it some degrating way either so lets not get it twisted like your a nigger or some shit. I not some hillbilly kkk cat that grew up in azrzona or some shit i m straight from the streest of n y nigga so either deal with it or keep it moving point fucking blank

thank you for taking the time out... And keep up the good work

aight goodlooking for having me and yo everyone the website is up so check it out















































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